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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make an attention grabbing leaflet?

When a leaflet is delivered through a letterbox the advertiser has a few seconds to catch the attention of the recipient. It is vital therefore to design a leaflet that is eye catching and encourages the householder to look closer. In general terms, the more colourful and professional looking the leaflet, the greater the chances of a successful campaign.


What should I include on my leaflet?

The leaflet should show clearly the nature of the business in simple terms. Too much detail can diminish the reader’s attention. The quality of the leaflet will reflect the professionalism of the advertiser. The message should be clear and interesting enough to encourage the reader to pursue further details. Often a voucher/money off coupon or discount can provide the incentive for further action. In the last few years there has been a significant change in the way advertisers will be contacted following a leaflet campaign. The majority of interested householders will view the website of the advertiser before contacting them, so it is vital to have a website that is informative and user friendly.


What response time can I expect from leaflet distribution?

The response from each leaflet campaign will vary depending on many factors. By targeting the most suitable areas at the best time of year will help maximise the response. A successful campaign may be measured in many ways and take several months for the full effects to translate into increased sales. 


Is leaflet distribution right for my business?

Leaflet distribution has long been regarded as the most cost effective form of advertising. For small businesses, door-to-door advertising using a flyer distribution company is affordable and can generate local interest. For larger businesses, leaflets help generate brand awareness that complements other advertising mediums e.g. TV, radio and press.  

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