Leaflet Distribution

Front Door Marketing have over 15 years experience in providing a reliable leaflet distribution service. To many of our clients, Front Door Marketing have become more than merely a means of delivery, they have become a partner in the planning of successful leaflet distribution campaigns.

Tailored leaflet distribution promotions can be targeted to postcode sector level in order to maximize the level of response. Using demographic classifications like MOSAIC can aid the targeting of potential customers.

A network of supervised distributors deliver leaflets, brochures and samples in a reliable and responsible manner.

Leaflet Distribution to Suit Your Business

Flexible leaflet distribution schedules can be arranged to coincide with forthcoming promotions and seasonal variations. Often redeemable vouchers can be used to evaluate the success of each leaflet distribution campaign.

Considered to be the most cost effective form of advertising, leaflet distribution can work on a national or local basis. Front Door Marketing can assist in generating new customers, building brand awareness, attracting new customers which will lead to increased sales.

Our experienced staff will offer advice on the type of leaflet and the target area most suitable for leaflet distribution.

Call us now on 01494 794111 to see how Front Door Marketing’s leaflet distribution service can benefit your business.

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Leaflet Distribution – Fact v Fiction

Perception:    The majority of consumers do not like receiving marketing material through their letterbox.

Fact:    As many as 79% of recipients keep, pass on or glance at leaflet distribution items: 38% keep it for a few days, whilst 13% retain it for a week or more.

Perception:    Consumers don’t find door drop marketing useful.

Fact:    71% of those questioned said they found free samples delivered through their letterboxes useful: 66% said the same for supermarket offers, 62% for money-off coupons and 47% for new product leaflets.

Perception:    Leaflet distribution does not have the same impact of direct mail.

Fact:    79% of people keep, pass on, read or glance at leaflets – same as direct mail.

Perception:    People do not keep leaflets that long.

Fact:    38% of leaflets are kept for at least a few days and 13% is kept for a week or more.

Perception:    Leaflet distribution doesn’t work.

Fact:    48% of consumers either visited a shop, sent for information, or bought a product having received a leaflet through their letterbox.

Perception:    Leaflet distribution doesn’t work as well as direct mail, TV or press.

Fact:    48% of consumers responded to leaflets compared to 47% for direct marketing, 47% for television and 60% for press advertising.

(Source DMA)