Please browse the questions that are commonly asked by businesses wanting to know how Front Door Marketing can help them attract new customers.

Q. General – Do I require a Door to Door campaign or a Direct Mailing campaign ?

A. Our staff are able to advise on the most suitable method for your business.

Q. General – Do FDM have to print my advertising material prior to mailing/distribution ?

A. No, most clients have items already printed, however we are pleased to provide quotations based on your specific requirements.

Q. Direct Marketing – How quickly can a mailing be handled ?

A. A mailing can be franked and leave the mailroom within 3 days from sight of data.

Q. Leaflet Distribution – How long will delivery take ?

A. Distributions are usually completed in one week.

Q. Printing – Do we have to collect our printed material ?

A. No, if your print is not for mailing/distribution we will deliver to a UK address free of charge.

Q. Direct Marketing – How do I acquire a mailing list ?

A. We can source data based on your specific criteria.

Q. Leaflet Distribution – Is there a minimum distribution order ?

A. Yes, we have a minimum order of 10,000 items.

Q. Leaflet Distribution – Can my leaflet be distributed on its own ?

A. Yes, in some areas solus deliveries can be arranged.

Q. Printing – Is there a minimum print-run ?

A. Yes, we have a minimum order of 20,000.

Q. General – Do you collect our promotional material ?

A. Yes, if required we can collect your stock for a nominal charge.

Q. Leaflet Distribution – How are leaflets delivered ?

A. Leaflets are distributed together with other advertising material, newspapers & samples.

Q. Leaflet Distribution – How do I know my items have been delivered ?

A. Usually verification reports are available within 10 days of completion.

Q. Direct Marketing/Leaflet Distribution – How should stock be packed ?

A. Items must be packed in regular size boxes (max. 12kg in weight).

Q. General – When do you require payment ?

A. If you are not an account holding client, payment is required prior to printing, mailing and distribution.